Growing Pains–Our Cultural Adolescence

Lynne Richman Bell

On the eve of what could possibly be one of the most culturally significant elections in our country’s history, I sit watching the national news talk about how other countries are seeing a comic and unflattering nature to this campaign season. Caricatures of the two candidates vary from evil and frightening to something more surreal, even clownish.

I ponder the state of existence of our nation. Compared to others we are still so infantile. Even “new” nations, such as Israel or countries born out of the former Soviet Union, have cultures that are centuries old. They are mature and comfortable in their own skin even if their borders are challenged.

As old souls, intellects like George Wythe and Thomas Jefferson brought true virtue and high-mindedness to our country’s newborn culture. The ideals that conceived us are seed from the minds of great thinkers–Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, just to name a…

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