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Community Superconductivity–a Preface

Today’s Fauquier Times’ Community Voices article titled Community Superconductor is the brainchild of the first crack analysis of the flow of community economic and and cultural energy in the place I call home–Fauquier County, Virginia. Superconductivity by definition, is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields that draw “energy” in the form of cultural enhancement, entrepreneurs, and economic activity.  In cultural and economic terms, I translate that as absolute free flowing inter-community and intra-county commerce without gaps or “drag.”

Gaps, resistance, or “drag” would be defined as the loss of commerce or culturally significant activity to other counties. The examples of gaps given in the article are the lack of use of the Fauquier Education Farm by the county’s public schools, lack of agricultural infrastructure in the form of abattoirs and produce processing facilities, lack of affordable housing, and lack of services within the service districts.  These gaps in our community’s superconductor negatively affect our cultural and economic stability and expose our community to what some may consider “inappropriate” development and the ever increasing and unsustainable cost of the accompanying public services.

The article seemed under developed as the 600 word limit provided only enough space for a very shallow look at revenue and cultural engine opportunities and the existing gaps.  Because my brain continues to swirl with the exponentially increasing possibilities for analysis, I’ve decided to brain dump my ideas and thoughts into this blog in hopes that they might inspire others in our community to engage in meaningful analysis, planning, and execution of efforts that will secure a prosperous and culturally sustainable future.  Join in the fun!